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Coverage Maps
RapidWifi signal coverage
Complete Coverage Hillcrest Coverage Map
Marketown Coverage Map North Camano Island Coverage Map
Oak Harbor Coverage North Whidbey and Camano Island coverage
Coupeville Coverage Rolling Hills Coverage
The maps on the left represent RapidWifi's current signal coverage with wireless internet services. The red dots on the maps represent our access antennas, while the red stars represent RapidWifi's offices.

These are close approximation coverage maps for our Access Points (antennas) in Oak Harbor, Coupeville, Rolling Hills, North Whidbey and Camano Islands. Keep in mind Wireless Internet service is based on Line of Sight (LOS), so the actual service areas may be slightly different than shown due to the nature of Whidbey and Camano Islands with their hills, tall trees and buildings. The signal can reach farther -- up to 25 miles -- but 5 to 10 miles is the optimal range without having to erect large towers and use larger antenna systems.

If you are within the distances shown on the maps, you may be able to get wireless Internet right away. If you are not 'on the map', you still may be able to get a signal. Request a free site survey so we may test the signal for you. You can help us establish additional access points, and get FREE wireless Internet, by filling out our site survey form and letting us know if you live in a high elevation area and own your property.

Watch for new coverage areas the Skagit Valley, Seattle, and other parts of Whidbey Island in the near future.
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